Patient participation group

Patient Participation Group
The aim of the Patient Participation Group is to promote cooperation between the Practice and patients to the benefit of both. Membership of the group is open and free to all registered patients.

The PPG can help communication with the practice with ideas to improve services by identifying changes that the practice may not have considered, allowing resources to be used more effectively and efficiently.

We will be holding regular meetings at the practice and would welcome any patients wishing to join the PPG. If you are interested in joining and would like to contribute in helping to make changes to our processes and systems, please email [email protected]

To be successful, a patient group must be fully representative of all members of the Practice patient list so if you are interested in joining we would love to hear from you!

PPG Action Plan – 2023
PPG Action Plan

PPG Minutes
PPG Minutes April 2023
PPG Minutes July 2023