Can my GP ask the hospital to see me quicker?

We cannot affect hospital waiting lists.


Unfortunately GPs have no control over where you are on the waiting list. Referrals to the hospital are prioritised by the hospital based on clinical urgency, and due to high demand resulting from the impact of the pandemic, there can be long waits for treatment.


Expedite letters do not have any influence over the waiting list. We receives multiple requests for expedite letters everyday which reduces the number of appointments available.


If you have been referred to Lancashire Teaching Hospitals for further investigations, please visit the following website to see what the current average waiting times are


If your symptoms are more severe and the waiting time is too long, please contact the hospital directly. Details on how to do this should be on any correspondence from them. Lancashire Teaching Hospitals also undertakes clinical checks of waiting lists and may contact you asking if you still want to have treatment or if your condition has changed. Please respond to this request as it helps to ensure waiting lists are accurate.


Tests ordered by the hospital will be followed up by the hospital.


For new symptoms which may not be related to your original condition please let us know.