Asthma Digital Health Passport App

Young People can get smart about asthma


Health and care staff and volunteers are being encouraged to invite children and young people in Lancashire and South Cumbria to download an app to manage their asthma.


Lancashire and South Cumbria Integrated Care Board (ICB) is one of the first in the country to launch the asthma Digital Health Passport app, which helps children, young people, and carers with self-management of asthma, and provides learning resources and education to improve knowledge and confidence.


With the app you can:

• Access and share your asthma plan with family and friends when you need it.

• Track your symptoms, understand trends and take preventative measures before a crisis arises.

• Connect with the community via online peer support and other 111 resources to ensure the right support is given at the right time.

• Access the range of resources and learning from leading organisations like Asthma & Lung UK, and Beat Asthma to improve your skills, knowledge and confidence to self-manage the condition.

• Set medication reminders.

• Review daily air quality alerts.

• Help prevent asthma attacks with daily alerts and trigger avoidance advice.


The asthma Digital Health Passport is a patient-centred digital self-management program to empower children and young people with asthma. You can download the app from the Apple App Store or Google Play.



ICB associate director for children and young people, Vicky Webster, said: “Having this sort of information at a touch of a button will be a big bonus, especially as it will allow young people to self-manage their asthma and get the right help at the right time. It will also mean less time being spent at A&E as you will be able to avoid your triggers through the alerts from the app.”


Find out more by searching on your smartphone app store for Digital Health Passport.